James and Ashley B. - 2022 Suntracker 20' 90 hp

"The VARA® Foil Pontoon Hydrofoil has changed our entire boating experience. A few trips with it now and seeing major improvements. Went from 21 to 30 mph with loaded boat. Unsure of top speed with just wife and I as she asked me to back off when we accelerated past 34mph. I believe to achieve max speed with just two people I will need a different prop, but we usually are loaded down. I have 500rpm to reach max with loaded boat. I will update when I get to experiment. I could get almost 35 with right prop configuration based on current performance. I have a real time fuel usage Merc app. I'm using 2.5 gph less at WOT, that's doing 9 mph faster. If I cruise at 24 mph, still faster than previous top speed I go from 9 to 5.7gph, serious savings when making long runs upriver. Also notice insane improvement on ride quality in rough water that's hard to explain without experiencing. Absolutely recommend to anyone looking to improve their pontoon experience."


Scott R. - 20' Suncatcher 70hp Evinrude

"After speaking with a pontoon friend about the benefits of his VARA® Foil, I ordered mine. My underpowered boat would max @ 19mph. We installed the unit ourselves on vertical wall toons.We reversed the angles to accommodate mounting, but after install we were up and running. Alone, I was able to hit 30mph pegging the rev limiter. It felt like a gliding, airborne, quiet ride. I was 'walking the dog' with back of toons, motor and hydrofoil in the water. It was a wild feeling with complete control handling chop easier and crossing power boat waves with a much higher drier ride. It made me desire more speed, so now I bought a 115hp and will write another testimonial after the testing and break-in period. Thanks Mike Cool Stuff."


Richard G. - Sunchaser 22' 90 hp

"After attending a boat show recently, I met Mike/Tracy with PHA, Inc. They had a boat on its side showing this new VARA® Foil hydrofoil technology. I was immediately sold, after all it was much cheaper than an engine upgrade, we wanted but it also offered a better ride with better fuel economy. PHA installed the new VARA® Foil pontoon hydrofoil, put the boat in the water and we went out. It was unbelievable especially after we changed from an old bent/beat-up prop. We gained 11 mph, and the ride was like floating on air. The helm had next to no load and the engine was turning fewer RPMs and happy. I will never purchase a 'normal' slow wet Pontoon Boat in the future."


Ben L. - 2016 Misty Harbor 225 140hp

"I have been in the marine business for 32 years. My 20' pontoon maxed out at 26.5 mph with a newly broken in Suzuki 140 Hp outboard. Still wanting more speed, I researched online hydrofoils a friend told me about. After reviewing ALL online options, I made a choice of the VARA® Foil system based on adjustability, strong beachable strut design, and their 25% speed guarantee. I found a less expensive version of hydrofoil for pontoons; however this system was PERMANATLY glued to the hulls with huge bulky plates, which sealed my final decision. After an easy in water 2.5hr install at a sandbar with no prop change, we banged the rev limiter at 37.2 mph. A new 4 blade prop change will easily take us to 40+ mph. Thanks to PHA, Inc. Mike and Tracy went out of their way to help during the entire process. I recommend this system to anyone wanting pontoon speed."


Product Details

Explore the unique benefits of the VARA® Hydrofoil:

  • 25% Speed Gain Guarantee
  • No Harmful Hull Cutting
  • Custom-Built to Your Boat
  • Manufactured in the USA

More Info:

*The VARA® Foil Pontoon Hydrofoil kit is specifically engineered to increase your pontoon speed and performance while decreasing the amount of fuel burn.

**VARA® Foil Pontoon Hydrofoil components are made with 6063 structurally reinforced aircraft aluminum and are designed for use with Pontoon, Tritoon, and Power Cat boats.

Kit includes:

Component Description
1. Custom-built VARA® Foil Tritoon hydrofoil in your choice of finish
2. VARA® Attach Angles Angled attachments
3. VARA® Strut Hydrofoil struts
4. Installation Hardware Kit Basic VARA® Foil kit for tritoon applications
5. Angled VARA® Plate With required mounting hardware


  • Guaranteed ≥ 25% Speed Gain, (32% verified minimum speed gain by ALL data to date).
  • Pontoon Hydrofoil with a black hard coat anodized finish aids in reducing corrosion.
  • No Destructive Cutting, strake removal, or unnecessary grinding of aluminum toon finish needed.
  • No Permanent Adhesive/Epoxy Gluing.
  • No “bulky” Inefficient Backing Plates Glued on Your Toons Creating Drag to Slow You Down.
  • Pontoon Trailer Modifications Not Required.
  • Low Drag, High Lift VARA® Plate technology adds easy Pitch Control with Trim/Tilt Switch. This VARA® Plate technology is provided with ALL VARA® Foil kit purchases.
  • Installs in the Water, on Trailer, or on Boat Lift.
  • Designed and Built for New or Used Pontoon, Tritoon, and Power Cat Boats.
  • A box bolt hardware kit is required for pontoon or tritoon under skinned boats. (Purchased Separately)
  • Installation NOT included.
  • Patent Pending. VARA is a Registered Trademark and property of PHA Inc.



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