Our 8'x8' bolt-together swim raft kit uses 26" wide floats and provides a hefty 1032 pound assembled capacity.

This leaves room to bolt on your decking, trim, ladder, and even a slide if you want. The platform on this kit measures 95"x95" (allows us to ship the frame kit with FedEx - less expensive than truck freight) and has plenty of room for multiple people. It also has a super sturdy anchor tie-off bracket that bolts across 3 hat channel crossmembers with a full dozen 3/8" bolts, and a stainless steel 3/8" D-ring type shackle that is easy to attach your anchor to.

We offer this kit as a full bolt-together system with absolutely everything needed to build what is shown to the right. We also offer the pontoon set and frame kit separately.

The floats are available in black, blue, and orange.

This kit typically has a 1-3 week lead time and shipping IS NOT included in our price. Please ask for a freight quote before placing your order.
Pontoon width 26"
Overall width 103"
Overall length 95"
Platform width 95"
Platform length 95"
Frame & float kit weight 460 lbs.
Frame & hardware kit only weight 224 lbs.
Weight of floats only 236 lbs.
Capacity of floats 1256 lbs.*
Capacity of frame & float kit 1032 lbs.*


*Above weight capacities are rated at half submersion of the pontoons.

Due to the size of our kits, we are unable to provide a shipping calculator. SHIPPING IS NOT INCLUDED in our pricing, so please contact us for a shipping quote before placing your order.


If you didn't already know this, we love small pontoon boats, and this is where it all started. We love mini pontoon boats because they're easy. They're easy to tow, easy to launch, and easy to maneuver out on the water. Our kits are also a breeze to assemble. Build one of our mini pontoon boats in your garage or backyard with family or a friend, and then get out on the water. Find that cove where the fish are jumping, or make your way to a quiet remote lake and let the quiet set in. As a friend of ours said, we make conversation boats, not speed boats, so slow down and enjoy what's important on one of our pontoon boat kits that you built.

Our boat kits float on super durable, foam filled HDPE plastic floats that simply can't sink. Every one of our kits use multiple independently sealed float sections, so our boats are safe as possible. Our frames consist of two custom extrusions that make for a strong, yet light weight structure, and include all the stainless hardware required to put them together. The backbone of the design is our main beam extrusion (patent pending), which is a 6000 series aluminum component that has two slots that accept standard 3/8" square nuts. This allows our hat channel frame crossmembers to bolt in place anywhere you need them. Our boat kits include all the aluminum frame structure components and floats, which are easy to bolt together, but you do have to drill the holes for mounting the floats themselves due to slight variations of the molded plastic parts.

Why run a bolt-together kit? This means that you can make the boat any way you want! Also, you can build it in your back yard or workshop and we can ship it to you for a reasonable cost. If you've ever tried to ship a fully assembled barge, you know that it costs a fortune and can easily be damaged in transit due to the large size. Our kits arrive as two shipments. The floats will arrive on one truck as they ship direct from our partnering plastics factory in AR, and the frame kit ships from us in NH. The shipment from us will include all your frame members and stainless hardware. Also, YES, our hardware kits will have spare nuts, bolts, and washers. We all know how annoying it is when you buy a kit and lose a couple pieces. We don't want anyone to be dead in the water part way through assembly.

Are these whole boats ready to register? No, they are not! When you purchase a kit from us, you are purchasing floats and frame components, not a whole boat with a Hull Identification Number. If using your new boat on public waterways, you will have to register the boat as home-built, and we can guide you through this process.

We have thorough assembly instructions for our mini pontoon boat kits, as well as full CAD models available for each kit that we offer. If you need any additional information, just ask! For further details on shipping, and other frequently asked questions, please read through the info below and check out the FAQ section at the bottom of this page.



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